Campaign Case Design

At Constellation we believe your highest ambitions deserve a case for support that says who you are today and why you are worthy of fresh consideration from donors. Your donors should feel that the campaign plan brings positive change about things that matter, bringing real value that they can feel. When your donors support you with personal generosity they deserve to feel like heroes. With the right case for support, your organization is in a position for transformational gift, the kind the changes the fortunes of a non-profit.

Successful campaign cases are about positive change that means something to people.   When non-profits are absorbed day-by-day by their mission they can lose perspective. It is easy to lose touch with what matters to people who give. We specialize in bringing broad experience from many clients and an outside perspective that brings a fresh approach to the language you have been using to describe your ambitions.

  • Re-thinking fresh reasons for donor outreach
  • Building campaign cases that matter to people
  • Building your brand with a sense of action and results

Who to Contact

Joe Mahon - Expert in campaign case fundraising

Joe Mahon

Tel: 607.434.2116

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