Major Gifts and Gift Planning Training

Major gifts and gift planning solicitation is at the core of productive fundraising. Often it is taken for granted that development officers know the art and science of making gift asks. We know from the best data available that over 70% of all charitable gifts come from individuals. Improving major gifts solicitation skills is essential to improved revenue success. To succeed in today’s competitive fundraising environment, fundraisers must develop new habits to replace old, ineffectual ones.

There is a false assumption that, to have made it to his or her position, many fundraisers must have had proper training. We provide personalized training and coaching for major and planned giving professionals. Our programs are not about merely dispensing advice. We coach, train, give objective feedback, troubleshoot, advise and gently prod our clients to surpass their goals.

The program includes helping people with:

  • Setting and tracking behavior and result goals.
  • Qualifying and Managing Donor relationships.
  • Securing more Donor Visits.

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Joe Tumolo

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