Development Office Assessments to Improve Revenue Outcomes

We get many calls from board members who want to know if their development office is working well. Our specialty at Constellation is evaluating development offices for functionality; we check policies, procedures, institutional best practices, and revenue performance relative to expense. This provides our clients with a professional point of view about their development office’s functioning, assets, and areas of weakness.

Non-profit boards and executive directors are often troubled by a sense that, although their development office generates a lot of activity, it does not generate enough tangible outcomes. We supply you with professionals who give you the tools needed for improvement. Our team members have a broad experience. We can professionally evaluate your situation and report candidly. Boards listen to us and we help make implementation plans stick.

We can help with:

  • Evaluating a development office’s structure, function, and revenue efficiency.
  • Establishing the discipline of “moves management” to produce more gift asks.
  • Providing the board of directors’ guidance, assessments, reports, and retreats.

Who to Contact

Mike Stein - expert in Development Office Assessments for non-profits

Mike Stein

Tel: 607.434.5399

Mike has evaluated dozens of fundraising offices and worked with non-profits to improve their revenue and functioning. Call Mike today to discuss what is possible.