Development Office Assessments for Better Revenue

We often get calls from potential clients who want to know if their development office is producing expected revenue at the appropriate program expense. Although their development offices generate a lot of activity, board members and leadership sometimes suspect it does not generate enough tangible outcomes aimed at revenue. They look for us for professional assessment and clear answers to these problems.

We are happy to assess and evaluate staffing, organizational structure, operating practices, and revenue performance. We can furnish a professional opinion about functioning. Our team members have broad experience. We can evaluate your situation and report candidly. We assess, report, and build curative plans. We help make implementation plans stick.

We can help with:

  • Evaluating a development office’s structure, function, and revenue efficiency
  • Establishing the discipline of “moves management” to produce more gifts asks
  • Providing the board of directors’ guidance, assessments, reports, and retreats.

Who to Contact

Mike Stein - expert in Development Office Assessments for non-profits

Mike Stein

Tel: 607.434.5399

Mike has evaluated dozens of fundraising offices and worked with non-profits to improve their revenue and functioning. Call Mike today to discuss what is possible.