Strategic Fundraising For Non-Profit Organizations

Constellation Advancement is a boutique consultancy firm that provides professional advice and hands-on help for your non-profit organization. We counsel about how to raise money and best manage your institutional advancement function with reliable revenue results and rational expenses.

Constellation is made up of nonprofit vice presidents who later turned to consultancy. We understand your challenges. We respect your hard work. We are not talking heads who disappear at the end of the day. We give you a real sense of value and partnership. We use hands-on approaches that improve effectiveness and bottom-line numbers.

The challenges of the world since COVID are like nothing we have seen. Employment markets are disrupted, economies are fitful, feasibility studies have changed, and outreach is different. We were in the trenches during 9/11 and the Great Recession. We understand crisis environment fundraising. We can help you with the new challenges of the day. We furnish insight based on industry best practices. We design muscular, productive weekly outreach meetings that drive results. We also counsel about restructuring and even merger scenarios.

At Constellation, we like to say that your mission is our mission.

Fundraising Campaign Planning and Execution

An organized fundraising campaign can change the fortunes of a non-profit for the best. Campaigns raise all the sights of a non-profit, from strategic planning to marketing to revenue and even to human resources and the ability to inspire and retain good employees.

Healthcare Fundraising and Grateful Patient Programs

Grateful patient fundraising programs offer the most effective way for providers to find resource for leading-edge technology, and the latest in patient care and comfort.

Finding and Recruiting Non-profit Board Members

Using targeted research and personal outreach campaigns, we have helped dozens of non-profits find board members to improve their giving cultures and governance sophistication.

Gift Planning Services: We turn locked-up assets into gifts on your balance sheet

Studies estimate that over the next thirty years charities will receive between $6 and $25 trillion in donations from the charitable estate plans of donors. The consultants at Constellation Advancement know that, overwhelmingly, the charities that will benefit from this most will have donor-centric gift planning programs that ask for estate gifts.

Development Office Assessments to Improve Revenue Outcomes

Non-profit boards and executive directors are often troubled by a sense that their development office generates a lot of activity, but not enough tangible outcomes.

Establishing US “Friends Of” Fundraising Entities for Foreign Organizations Non-profit Board Members

We have specific experience and expertise working with foreign organizations that want to organize constituents and raise money in the United States.

Interim Development Office Leadership and Outsourced Fundraising Services

We specialize in providing interim leadership for your development office, as well as outsourced services like grant writing, research, database work, and other functions.

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Concierge Stewardship

Concierge Stewardship

By Brian M. Sagrestano, J.D., CFRE, and Robert E. Wahlers, MS., CFRE The concierge at your favorite hotel can make your stay a memorable one, securing dinner reservations, obtaining tickets...

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