Constellation Advancement was organized in New York and registered with the state Charities Bureau a dozen years ago (charities registration number 42-07-22). Constellation is the overarching company that contains the consulting practices of six separately organized fundraising consultancy firms, a structure like voluntary associations found in leading law firms including Baker & McKenzie, Kings & Wood, and DLA Piper.

This structure enables us to attract senior professionals in the field by offering professional autonomy together with the advantages of joint marketing and pooled resources. Constellation members are bound by an operating agreement and contribute toward administration resources, state-of-the-art research tools, liability insurance, and disability coverage.

The professionals that run Constellation are former vice presidents from non-profit fundraising shops. And we have a pool of support talent covering IT, database management, research, grant writing, and operations.

We frequently hear from non-profit board members looking for fundraising help. Fundraising is an unstructured profession, and it is sometimes hard to get clear answers based on national best standards. The ideas that brought us together are clear-speaking advice, hands-on help, and connecting non-profit organizations with greater fundraising potential so they can do charitable work that benefits us all.

Here are examples of the kinds of challenges that have helped our clients:

  • Virtual constituent briefings and solicitations
  • Organizing “moves management” productivity meetings that drive outreach
  • Gift planning programs for future revenue
  • Campaign feasibility analysis