At Constellation Advancement your mission is our mission

The people at Constellation are former vice presidents from non-profit fundraising shops. The idea that brought us together was to provide a consultant business that connects non-profit organizations with greater fundraising potential.

In our jobs, we continually heard from our board members about other nonprofits where they served. These board members were always looking for fundraising help. Sometimes there were concerns about whether a capital campaign goal was realistic. Other times there were concerns about how to grow the board with more institutional development potential.

With the advent of COVID-19 the stakes are greater. Non-profits must organize staff activity and constituent outreach using virtual tools. We excel at creating structure that generates outreach. We also counsel about restructuring and nonprofit mergers.

We approach our work with a client-centric approach that comes naturally from our backgrounds as former vice presidents. Here examples of the kinds of challenges where we have helped our clients:

  • Virtual constituent briefings, solicitations, and galas in the era of COVID-19
  • Organizing “moves management” productivity meetings that drive outreach
  • Gift planning programs for future revenue
  • Office restructuring and resource mergers