Fundraising Campaign Planning and Execution

Fundraising campaigns change the fortune of a non-profit organization, almost always for the better. Campaigns raise your horizons. The benefits include increased revenue through target messaging and more effective solicitation, improved donor engagement and retention, enlarged awareness and visibility about your organization and its mission, and improved strategic process through all levels of your organization, including finance, communications, and even retention and a sense of mission through your human resources. Campaigns force you to step outside your usual perspective to consider: who are we today, and why are we worthy of philanthropic investment?

At Constellation, we have helped raise hundreds of millions of campaign dollars. We have worked with museums, think tanks, ballets, theaters, and churches. We specialize in creating and testing compelling campaign concepts and then driving campaigns to achieve their goals with week-by-week discipline.

We will:

  • Conceive campaigns that put forward your best ideas and fundraising assets
  • Conduct feasibility and planning studies that produce insightful advice and reports
  • Serve as your campaign counsel to drive a disciplined, productive outreach.

Who to Contact

Dave Gallagher | Campaign design and feasibility Driving campaigns to goal

Dave Gallagher

Tel: 215.262.6508

Dave Gallagher has a career of experience in fundraising campaign planning and execution. Contact Dave today to find out how he can further your project.