Interim Development Office Leadership and Outsourced Fundraising Services

The COVID-19 crisis has reshuffled staffing at non-profit organizations across the country. At Constellation, we have many high-caliber development leaders who can work with non-profit organizations, and their boards, to provide interim leadership and support.

We have experience working with many organizations in higher education, healthcare, and museums, as well as culture and advocacy groups. Additionally, we specialize in providing outsourced services such as grant writing, researching, gift planning, database work, and other functions.

Our model scales the services we provide, so the expense can be adjusted to your existing vacancy savings. We leverage your existing staff resources for the best output. We have provided cabinet-level temporary leaders in many organizations, such as The Cooper Union, The New-York Historical Society, Princeton HealthCare System, and The City University of New York.

We have:

  • High-caliber interim development leaders who can join your team this week.
  • Interim appointments involving specific structural assignments to improve your functioning.
  • Outsourced development functions that leverage your staff and revenue.

Who to Contact

Sean Collins, Expert in expert Recruiting Non-profit Board Members

Sean T Collins

Tel: 516.672.3899

Sean has served as the interim development chief at half a dozen non-profit organizations for terms as short as a few months to as long as two years.