Gift Planning Services

Studies estimate that over the next thirty years charities will receive between $6 and $25 trillion in donations from the charitable estate plans of donors. The consultants at Constellation Advancement know that, overwhelmingly, the charities that will benefit from this most will have donor centric gift planning programs that ask for estate gifts.

During COVID-19, gift planning outreach is more complicated than ever. But in many respects, it is a mystery why so many charitable organizations don’t seek planned gifts. Many nonprofit organizations think about gift planning as technically out of reach. What if you need an unaffiliated lawyer or financial specialist? But it isn’t that complicated. Creating a simple bequest society can be accomplished in an afternoon. Each member of the board should be asked to become a charter member. By logging in to a standard retirement account online, your board members can make your non-profit organization a revocable percentage beneficiary. It takes fifteen minutes to do and can be undone in the same time.

There is so much consultancy expertise available that, even with more complicated transactions, it does not make sense to turn away from the revenue you are missing each year.

We can help with:

  • Building a bequest-giving society that is backed by your board.
  • Assisting prospect meetings and liaisons with tax and legal professionals.
  • Evaluating programs, training staff, and creating gift planning campaigns that can stand alone or blend into your campaign effort.

Who to Contact

Margaret Holman

Margaret Holman

Tel: 917.699.7380

Margaret offers extensive experience in gift planning. Contact Margaret today to find out how he can further your project.