Healthcare Fundraising and Grateful Patient Programs

Grateful patient fundraising is a specialty at Constellation. Our members have notable hospital credentials: NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, Yale-New Haven Hospital, Princeton Healthcare System, Gunderson Lutheran Healthcare Foundation, and others.

With perpetually strained hospital budgets, grateful patient programs offer the most effective way to fund leading-edge medical technology and the latest in-patient care and comfort. A constantly changing regulatory environment demands that you build these programs thoughtfully and with professional guidance.

Healthcare fundraising has a special dynamic, specific privacy concerns, and specialized approaches. Physician engagement and involvement are crucial to help explain the latest medical advances and advocate for why they are important. We have experience building grateful patient programs at some of the biggest hospitals in the country.

We will achieve this by:

  • Using informal and formal engagement strategies.
  • Approaching physicians on a footing that encourages their fundraising partnership.
  • Transcending the challenging environments of HPAA

Who to Contact

Jay Angeletti - Grateful Patient Fundraising Programs

Jay Angeletti

Tel: 917.584.9920

Jay has created grateful patient programs in some of the biggest hospitals in the country. Contact Jay today to find out how we can help you with the challenges you are finding.