Finding and Recruiting Non-profit Board Members

Constellation specializes in helping you recruit non-profit board members. Our approach centers on targeted research that comports with APRA ethical guidelines. With this method we find indicators of non-profit interest and giving capacity. We have worked with many clients to develop highly signature outreach approaches that we use to get in front of board prospects and test their potential interest in volunteer involvement.

Organizations like the Association of Governing Boards can provide help and insight in managing non-profit board governance issues. In our experience non-profits have relied on board development more than any other single method to change and improve how they approach their mission. New board members change the psychodynamic in a board room and the giving culture. New talent improves governance sophistication and the range of contacts open to a non-profit.

Many common board problems and stumbling blocks can be solved with new points of view and a refreshed personal dynamic in the board room. Through research, organized analysis and engagement studies, we help non-profits articulate their vision and then test the appeal of that vision with board prospects who can build out your volunteer force and grow your organization’s reach and funding.

Constellation can help you find high-level volunteer leaders and then partner with you to reach out to them with personal meetings to express and test the best statement of your ambitions.

  • Targeted research to find board prospects with interest, contacts and means to help
  • Highly professional outreach initiatives to set meetings with you and new board prospects
  • Engagement studies to reach new prospects and re-engage the best existing prospects

Who to Contact

Sean Collins, Expert in expert Recruiting Non-profit Board Members

Sean T Collins

Tel: 516.672.3899

Sean is an expert at finding fresh ways to reach out to non-profit stakeholders. Contact him today about expanding your board and testing your message.