Finding and Recruiting Non-profit Board Members

Non-profit organizations are only as strong as their boards. Since the pandemic, there is a strengthened sense of giving back and more opportunities to recruit board members. Constellation specializes in creative, effective approaches to help you identify, contact, and recruit new non-profit board members while building structures that recommit your existing board membership to service.

We use targeted research that comports with APRA ethical guidelines. We find indicators of non-profit interest and giving capacity. We triangulate volunteers from related organizations and gather recommendations. We work with clients to reach out to board prospects and test their interest in volunteer involvement. We have been uncommonly successful in our approach, often finding and recruiting board members based on the specifications of the client.

We believe in creative and effective approaches, such as using major gift officers to drive board recruitment as part of their discovery and outreach brief. We like to package board recruitment with larger engagement studies that test the appeal of your case, reaffirm existing board members, and expand your circle of volunteer leaders through new recruitment.

We use:

  • Targeted research to find board prospects with the interest, contacts, and means to help
  • Highly professional outreach initiatives to arrange meetings involving you and new board prospects
  • Engagement studies to reach new prospects and re-engage the best existing prospects.

Who to Contact

Chris Cloud - fundraising staffing & outsourced functions

Chris Cloud

Tel: 646.596.3607

Chris is an expert at finding fresh ways to reach out to non-profit stakeholders. Contact him today about expanding your board and testing your message.